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Short documentary shines light on Glasgow’s ‘after-hours party scene’ with a pretty sick soundtrack

By Billie-Darian Hollyhead

Successfully Incognito. A short video created by a channel of the Vice publication, i-D, has popped up on YouTube and shines a dim but insightful light on the current Glasgow underground rave scene. Inside Glasgow’s underground after-hours party scene is a short 14-minute video that follows a party organiser from the Incogneto collective and a group of art students that regularly attend the events; with the political and financial struggles in Glasgow, they tell us where the need for ‘after-hours’ parties came from and the youths need to ‘take back control’.
Inside Glasgow's underground after-hours party scene

With a combination of tech house and trap, the soundtrack to this short film is also pretty sick, check it out below:

Juju - Sunshine

Juju - Mobile Suited

Sega Bodega - Spook

Inkke – Peekapop

Sega Bodega - High As Air (Instrumental)

Sega Bodega – Tantarantana

Dead Bart - Armox

Jasper James - Sneaky

Mia Dora - Raw Kiss

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