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Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans' first EP

By Laura Dean

A couple of weeks ago Wolfgang Tillmans released his first EP '2016 / 1986' via a new label called 'Fragile'.

Tillmans has made a name for himself as a fine art photographer and was both the first photographer and first non-English person to be awarded the Tate annual Turner Prize.

The story behind the title is that Tillmans began work on the five track EP back in 1986, with the EP featuring three tracks that were written and recorded with Bert Lessmann in 1986; 'Fascinating This Time', 'Stranger' and 'Time Flows All Over'. Tillmans had a 26 year gap between making music and two of the EP tracks were written within the last year; 'Make It Up As You Go Along' and 'Triangle / Gong / What.' Interestingly, 'Make It Up As You Go Along' contains recordings of a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL printing press that he used whilst compiling his book 'Abstract Pictures' which was released in 2011.

Track list -

01. Make It Up As You Go Along
02. Triangle / Gong / What
03. Fascinating This Time feat. Bert Lessmann
04. Stranger feat. Bert Lessmann
05. Time Flows All Over feat. Bert Lessmann

'2016 / 1986' is out on Fragile now and is available to stream on Spotify.

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