the team

Playing with Sound is split up into four highly experienced teams.

Graphic Design - Nick Flack, a designer with 20 years experience, leads the team focused on our artists’ design, artwork and branding.

A+R - Seeking the very best musical talent in an ever evolving industry.

Marketing/PR - The Marketing team is managed by Laura Dean, a prolific blogger and well connected industry PR consultant. We explore all areas of marketing online, socials and YouTube.

Radio Plugging - We push your recordings to regional and national radio stations. As well as play-listing, we seek guest appearances for our artists.

The PWS admin team is highly skilled and dedicated to ensuring the highest quality music unites with the digital music market.

The Partners

PWS release music to the digital market and have worked over many years to build strong relationships with major retailers such as Spotify, Google, iTunes and Amazon.

Music streaming is a direction PWS strongly believes in and great connections with Spotify and YouTube help to reinforce this. We work closely with playlist curators to increase streams.

The PWS marketing team has worked tirelessly to form relationships with bloggers and magazines from around the world, helping us reach the widest of fan base.

The Past

As a direct result of our dedication to music streaming, the PWS catalogue now boasts over 50 million streams per month.

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